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The Melbourne Picture Gallery is home to overĀ 15,000 photographs, pictures and drawings of Melbourne and surrounds, free to view and download.

Enjoy marvellous Melbourne in photographs, drawings and art.

Image categories include Melbourne events, shows, sport, maps, parks, gardens, statues, art, sculpture, buildings, architecture, old pictures, subsurbs, places of interest including Eureka Tower, Southgate, Federation Square, Flinders Street Railway Station, Yarra River, Monuments.

We have TWO galleries, in short an old gallery, and a new gallery.


Commenced in 2004, this gallery using Coppermine software houses many thousands of unique photographs of Melbourne.


Launched in 2014, this gallery (you are looking at it while reading this) using WordPress is a growing library of many thousands of images.

Simply select a category to view photographs…

Urban Art includes Melbourne Stencilling, Melbourne Grafitti and Melbourne Tagging.