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51 Things to do in Melbourne

51 Things to do in Melbourne (21 of Them are Free!) Melbourne is Australia’s cultural capital (though anyone from Sydney will argue that). There is art around every corner and food festivals on every weekend. The colourful and diverse city caters well to tourists. There is no shortage of places to visit in Melbourne and […]

Shotbox | Lightbox

In simple terms, a Shotbox is a lightbox. Lightweight, simple, affordable, designed to do the job. Introducing a new and perfect way to digitize. SHOTBOX provides the perfect light environment to maximize the results of your smart phone’s camera, as well as DSLR and point-and-shoot’s. Take top-down images as well as great 3D objects. Come to […]

ShotBox | Camera

Life’s too short not to capture those unforgettable moments. Capture the action with our range of action cameras, drones, accessories and software. Our range of cameras and drones are designed to capture the action wherever you go, whatever you do. We pack maximum features and performance into our products, as well as our huge range […]

Images | Copyright

This page sets out to provide an overview of image copyright issues. Did You Take the Photo or Create the Graphic? If you took the photo or created the graphic and are not subject to a Work For Hire agreement, then you will most likely own the copyright and can do whatever you wish with […]


GoPro makes the world’s most versatile cameras. GoPro helps people capture and share their lives’ most meaningful experiences with others—to celebrate them together. Like how a day on the mountain with friends is more meaningful than one spent alone, the sharing of our collective experiences makes our lives more fun. Camera’s, Mounts, Accessories, Software and […]