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This public online gallery of pictures relate to Melbourne Victoria Australia.

It is presented and managed by the team at OnlyMelbourne.,

OnlyMelbourne is a web based publication dedicated to the people and city of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

banner-250-onlymelbourneOnlyMelbourne is a free guide to marvellous Melbourne, presenting the best of Melbourne today, tomorrow and into the future.

Image Gallery

In 2014 the gallery was moved from a server located in the USA to an Australian server.  We saw this as the ideal time to commence an upgrade that was 3 years in the planning.

The original software (Coppermine) continues to work (and work well) but it had become outdated. We opted for a WordPress back-end, together with new gallery software but retaining the old Coppermine Photo Gallery behind the new gallery. So, in short, we have not lost a pixel. If you have bookmarked an old page or image, it is still there and will remain there.

As time goes on, we will migrate the old gallery into the new gallery.

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